Everyone has that one closet that seems to acquire everything. Typically it’s in the bedroom or upstairs hall, and there’s always stuff going into it but nothing ever leaves. Now is the time to get organized, tackle that abyss of a closet, and take your space back! Here’s what you can do to downsize your closet

Some rules to keep in mind for your closets:

Downsizing Your Closets 1

Get some piles of stuff going.

The living room or bedroom might look like a disaster for a moment, but start by creating 4 different piles. 

    1. What do you want to keep 
    2. What you might be able to sell 
    3. What can be donated
    4. What needs to get trashed.

This might take 1 or 2 rounds, because you might find some old memories that you’re not completely ready to part with. Rule of thumb, however, If It hasn’t been touched in over a year, there’s a good chance it’s not anything the family needs.


Downsizing Your Closets 2

Ask yourself if any of the items can be used, or if they can be used for multiple purposes.

If your answer is no, then your clutter should be placed into anything but the “keep” pile.



Downsizing Your Closets 3

Sort out the biggest items, first, then work your way down to smaller things.

The smaller items might be the most tedious, since they tend to multiply.

Once you’ve decided what items are staying, determine their permanent spot. Are the items, that are being kept, staying in this particular closet, or will they be more useful in another room? Don’t just move stuff from one place to another either. It’s still considered clutter, no matter where you put it.

You can also get creative with getting some bins, baskets, trays, and hangers for the items you are keeping. Don’t go too crazy with this part though! Give it a reason for being there, don’t make an excuse to have it. Excuses mean more clutter.

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