What is as satisfying as living in your freshly cleaned home, especially after a long winter.

Spring Cleaning Tips 1

  • Make a plan and schedule; make cleaning a group activity, delegate chores to your family members to tackle various rooms/sections of your home.
  • Gather all your cleaning tools in a caddy.
  • Clean working from top to bottom and start from either left to right and complete tasks before working onto another spot or task.
  • Toss out old stained and/or torn clothing.
  • Donate clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories that you have not worn in the last 4 seasons.
  • Organize your closets by colors to make it easy to find clothes.
  • Try to avoid hanging on to clothing that no longer fits in the hope of losing enough to get back into them. By the time you do, you’ll want to reward yourself with new clothes that are current.
  • Pack up winter wear and heavy blankets, etc.
  • Get rid of some of your books, DVDs, magazines, etc. that you have already read. Chances are you won’t read them again and most movies, books and magazines can be enjoyed on your TV or computer.
  • Pare down dust collectors such as knick knacks give away some of your chachkies. Just keep your favorites.
  • Pull furniture away from walls and vacuum behind, underneath and under cushions.
  • Tuck freshener sheets under your sheets, couch cushions, drawers, and pet bedding to keep them smelling nice.
  • Toss drapes, blankets and throw pillows in the dryer for 15 minutes on the “air-only” cycle, then rehang immediately to prevent wrinkles.
  • Wash shower curtains, bath mats and other small throw rugs in the washer.
  • Clean out your fridge, toss out moldy food. Replace old baking soda boxes.
  • Clean out cabinets. Match up Tupperware and cooking lids to their bowls, and pots.
  • Give your countertop and cabinets a good wipe down.

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