Remodeling a small bathroom can be a big project, but these small bathroom update ideas prove you don’t need a big budget to make a big impact! Whether you have a large bathroom or a small water closet, here are a few ways to transform one of the most private and relaxing rooms in your home.


A blank, boring wall is a blank canvas in any room. In your bathroom a small accent wall with fun, eye-catching wallpaper is a quick and easy way to brighten the room, give it personality, and -depending on the pattern- make your small bathroom seem bigger. An accent wall of bright paint, tile, or wallpaper vary in price but are definitely more affordable than a full bathroom remodel and don’t require a lot of time to prepare, set, or hang. 

bathroom tile wall


Vintage, raised, modern, however you choose to change your vanity, there are a a wide variety of options for vanity updates. A simple vanity update is a small bathroom update that goes a long way giving your space the illusion of more space, giving you better storage, or as a centerpiece for an artsy bathroom. 


From the basin itself to the fixtures, your sink is one of the easiest and smallest bathroom update you can choose. If you’re only changing fixtures, there’s a million combinations of colors and styles to choose from that will freshen up any dated water basin. Some of these options are also more effective or easier to use for children, persons with disabilities, or the elderly who may have a difficult time with other styles. 

Small Bathroom Updates

Sink basins are another animal entirely. While a little more difficult to install than new fixtures, a sink can come as a full piece, vintage podium sink for a minimalistic look despite sacrificing the storage space of a modern vanity or you choose an under-mount, modern style sink with a flush silhouette against the countertops. Other options include split sinks, dual sinks, or an above-counter sink for maximalist lovers!

Small Bathroom Updates

The absolute easiest way to transform a bathroom is to buy, buy, buy – quality stylish accessories that is. Without any contractor involvement, demolition, or construction involved, buying a playful or stylish rug, a new bathtub curtain, candles and candle trays, matching soap dispensers and countertop containers, and more can make your bathroom look more organized, cleaner, and more open!

However you choose your small bathroom upgrades, Bella Casa is here to help! From full bathroom renovations to the smallest changes and installations, we can guarantee you quick, quality service and communication throughout your project.

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