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Tired of never finding what you need or want? It’s easy to get your bathroom cabinets organized with these simple suggestions.

  • Buy a box of ziplock bags, labels, markers and preferably clear plastic bins or storage containers; they can be in varying sizes depending on how much stuff you have and how large a family. At least one for each of the following suggested categories in the following bullet points.
  • Label each bin by types and/or family names, for example:
    • Medicine (prescription and non-prescription drugs and ointments), and/or further separated by types (use large clear ziplock bags to group together)
    • First Aid
    • Feminine Hygiene (wipes, tampons, sanitary napkins, etc.)
    • Makeup
    • Hair Products (shampoo, conditioners, gel, etc.)
    • Lotions/Creams/Face Care (add makeup remover, cotton balls, q-tips, etc.)
    • Cleaning Products/Toilet Paper
    • Brushes/ Haircare Supplies (hand mirrors, scrunchies, bobby pins, clips, etc.)
    • Hair Tools (dryers, crimpers, straighteners, etc.), (a metal container or styling tool holders are useful and practical instead of a plastic bin)
    • Tooth Care (toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, whiteners, etc),
    • Soaps, Bubble Bath and Bath Salts, etc.
    • Toys (bath toys)
    • For Guest Use (put full size or samples of toiletries and soaps, hand towels, etc. in this bin)
    • Nail Care (polish, remover, nail files, clippers, etc.)
    • Shaving Supplies (razors, shaving cream, etc.)
    • Towels & Washcloths
    • Family member names
    • Misc.
  • Have an empty garbage bag or trash can handy.
  • Remove all items from your bathroom; this includes items from the tub/shower, counters, medicine chest, cabinets, and closet.
  • Either lay out everything on the floor or sort as you go and
  • Put items in their appropriate bins and use the ziplock baggies for small or loose items such as bobby pins, clips, etc. which can be added to the designated bin.
  • Get rid of all expired medicines, vitamins, and other products.
  • Get real…Toss out anything you don’t use or haven’t used it in a year, including broken items.
  • Throw out old toothbrushes or electric toothbrush heads. Toothbrushes/heads should be replaced every 3-6 months.
  • Donate closed never used toiletries and hotel freebie bottles and soaps to a local shelter, if you wish.
  • Get rid of old towels and washcloths and linens you no longer use.
  • Determine what will go where; evaluate how much and what you have and where would be the optimal place to put the items. Also, what items are used daily vs items used sporadically.
  • Items used daily should go in vanity drawers, the medicine chest, or closet at eye level. Store items not regularly used either in the vanity cabinet or closet.
  • Mount magnets inside your medicine cabinet and store your nail files and clippers, tweezers, scissors, etc.
  • Keep items in the plastic bins or reuse them elsewhere in the house to get organized.
  • Invest in specific organizers and hooks for your makeup, hair care products, hot hair tools, shower caddy, etc. Spice racks, shelving, lazy Suzies, over the door racks, shoe racks, corner tub racks or over showerhead racks, and wine bottle holders, wire or clear baskets for towels and linens make for very clever, handy organizers.

Organize Your Bathroom Today: Easy Tips 3

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