Both natural and engineered stone are excellent choices for the kitchenbath, and work space countertops and backsplashes. Some purists prefer using only “natural” products in their home, but both are quite elegant and lux looking, so it is really a matter of personal preference.

Natural Stone. What is Granite?

Natural stone, such as granite, is a mined stone, available in slabs, then cut and polished for installation for your home or business. Granite is beautiful; it shows natural variations in the hue of the stone. Colors range from earth tones to blues, greens and rose. Granite, like other natural stones, can stain easily, therefore it requires special care. Natural stone requires more maintenance then engineered stone and has to be sealed when it is installed and again periodically thereafter. Granite is also more susceptible to cracks and chips than quartz. Depending on the slab of granite you choose, it can be more expense than quartz, but generally the price range is similar.

Engineered Stone. What is Quartz?

Typically, when you hear the term engineered stone, companies are referring to options such as quartz. Quartz is manufactured from crushed quartz then mixed with pigment for coloration and resin as a binder (usually containing 92-94% quartz). Quartz is very resilient and is available in more color choices than granite. Unlike granite, the design features in quartz are engineered into them, therefore the pattern, hue and color are consistent throughout. Engineered stone such as DuPont™ Zodiaq® is available in both polished and matte finish.

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