Kitchen and bathroom remodels are among the most common renovations, and spring is the best time to give them a new look – even without a full demolition renovation! Here are our top 3 ideas for spring renovations!


Top 3 Simple Spring Renovation Ideas! 1

Add Some Color!

The easiest way to renovate any room in the house is to add some color – whether it’s a new tile backsplash, paint on the walls, or wallpaper and other exotic materials for an accent wall! New paint or wall treatments can transform a room, making your home more in-line with our current tastes and therefore more comfortable. Updating the walls in your kitchen or bath can turn a dark, moody room into a bright, joyful space as explained by the theory of color psychology. Color psychology is a theory used by artists and interior designers to evaluate how colors affect moods, feelings, and emotions. This theory can be successfully applied all over your home!


Top 3 Simple Spring Renovation Ideas! 2

Spring Into New Cabinets

Cabinets aren’t exclusive to your kitchen – you can also use them for your bathrooms and custom built-ins! Whether it’s a brand new design with modern handle-less push-in cabinets or your original rustic cabinets with a facelift, new cabinets will make your kitchen look stunning. Have seen our Trends of 2022 blog? We outline the top trending cabinet and kitchen designs for the new year!


Top 3 Simple Spring Renovation Ideas! 3

Not So Hard Hardware

If your budget is tight and you’re looking for some DIY, sprucing up your kitchen or bath can be as easy as replacing the hardware on your cabinets and light switches. Normally, cabinet hardware doesn’t match stainless steel appliances or a new sink but thankfully that’s easy to change. Grab your handy screwdriver and change those outdated, lackluster pull tabs and handles for a full-set of brass fixtures for a vintage look. Want something more modern? Matte black metal cabinet handles are the way to go! Ask your renovation professionals at Bella Casa to match the set on your other fixtures that are best handled by an expert – such as lighting, switches, and sinks!

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