Do you know that section at the bottom of the cabinets or countertops? If it’s flush with the rest of your panel, then you’ve probably kicked your toes on it a few times. Thankfully, now a lot of designs have that section cut out to keep your toes safe. That section, that so often goes unnoticed, is called a “toe kick.”

Kick Options for Your Cabinets 1

There are actually a few design options when it comes to adding a “toe kick.” Most of the time it’s painted black, white, or just the color of the cabinet to blend in. While it’s more of an ergonomic function, to help keep the feet comfortable while food is being prepared, or dishes are being done, there can be a lot done with it when designing or remodeling the cabinets.


Kick Options for Your Cabinets 2

  • The cabinet edges can be designed to give a little flare. Using something like a single bead or triple bead edge will keep the look simple with a touch of elegance.
  • Why not try an arch? An arch is great for units that aren’t flush with the ground. It ends up giving a small opening under the cabinet for easy cleaning.
  • Installing cabinetry that has the feet option, also allows for a variety of designs for the “toe kick.” Feet come in all different shapes and sizes so they’ll be customizable to every room. Another benefit of having the feet is it makes for easy cleaning, especially if water ends up on the floor. Everything will dry out quicker.


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