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When you choose a Bella Casa Countertop you are choosing perfection. We offer a variety of custom countertop materials to choose from, allowing you complete power over your counter design. Most of our products and design elements are on display in our showroom. Stop by to see the wonderful variety that we offer.

Granite Kitchen Counter

Types of Countertops Offered:

  • Granite – offers a one-of-a-kind element with rich veining & specks. These countertops are heat, scratch & stain resistant making them very versatile.
  • Marble – choose from various patterns for classic beauty & elegance that comes with marble. With a naturally cool effect these counters are great for cooking.
  • Quartzite – strong & durable, made from natural stone, quartzite countertops showcase a beautiful sparkling pattern. They have a wonderfully smooth finish & long-lasting effect.
  • Quartz – coming in a variety colors & offering a hard, durability, quartz countertops have both a sparkle & veining element. These countertops require the least amount of maintenance
  • Concrete – offering the most in customization & personalizing, these countertops provide a scratch & heat resistant aspect to your kitchen as well as a modern industrial & rustic feel.
  • Wood – practical, & handcrafted with a variety of finishes these countertops provide the most affordability when choosing the final touches for your kitchen.
  • More Materials Available!

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In our Gallery Showroom see what you are getting, live and in person. Were the Lehigh Valley bathroom remodeling pros with top quality merchandise is on display so you can choose what fits your home with confidence.

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