As we said in part 1, plants are great to have around the house year-round. Less great to bring in are scalding and freezing temperatures. Just after the changeover from summer to fall, follow these steps and the environment – and your wallet – will thank you!

1. Do an energy audit

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An energy audit is an evaluation of your home that looks at energy efficiency and consumption. In a typical audit, the auditor examines both the inside and outside of the home – checking windows, doors, walls, and attic space for damage or inefficiencies. Then, they will examine the furnace and heater, light bulbs, appliances, and utility bills to compare their findings. Other items of interest to the auditor also include household behavior – such as which rooms are used the least and the most – and local clime and weather.

2. Check your windows and doors

Energy-efficient windows can make or break energy efficiency, being responsible to up to 30% of home heating and cooling loss. To help prevent energy loss, check your windows for air leaks and use caulk and weatherstrip to seal. While repairs are a good temporary measure, it’s always best to replace your windows – and that’s where your friends at Bella Casa come in. For any renovation project, we’ll get it done and guarantee your energy-efficient windows will last.

3. Upgrade your home’s heating tech

Heating and cooling your home accounts for around 42% of your energy bill, which is why it’s important to have an efficient system. Other than continuous maintenance such as replacing filters, turning off exhaust fans after use, and using natural sunlight during cold months, your best bet to lower your energy bill will be upgrading – especially if your setup is older than 15 years old.
When You DON’T Want To Bring The Outside Inside (Part 2) 2

4. Invest in small-space solar power

The popularity of solar continues to grow rapidly worldwide and in the US. Without the need for acreage, roof-mounted solar panels are a great solution for homes, businesses, and even apartment complexes. Consult a contractor for advice on solar panel setups that will best fit your home.

5. Upgrade to efficient appliances

No home renovation is complete without an appliance upgrade and holidays like labor day are the best time for appliance deals. Efficient appliances will get more done with less water and energy waste, more convenience, and smoother operation – some even have smart technology capabilities! When getting that long-awaited kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room renovation from Bella Casa, remember to upgrade your appliances to newer, energy and water-efficient models.