It’s finally here! As restrictions ease and the world begins to return back to normal, we can finally see our family and loved ones again. But for the most part, you’re probably one of two people. The people who used their home-time to do ALL of your home renovation backlog or the people who hibernated or lounged through most of the lockdown (hey, we don’t judge!) Thankfully we have easy tips and tricks to impress in a pinch!


Home office, study hall, fashion show runway – your kitchen may or may not have been any or all of these during the lockdown, but fashion week is over and it’s time to clean up! New furniture additions and storage solutions such as islands on wheels are a great option to move any every-day mess out of view of guests! A quick clean-up with all-purpose disinfectants will shine up any scribbled on table, and replacing old appliances that may have suffered from sourdough-trend involved accidents will have your kitchen good as new and ready for all the delicious food you and your guests will have.
The Post-Pandemic July 4th Party 1


Break out the lawn games! With beautiful weather and summer sunshine, take time to spend time with family outside during the holiday. Team games or even grabbing a net for badminton or volleyball if you have the room for it goes a long way to get everyone moving and bonding again. Keep cool by bringing out kid-friendly (or not) drinking games or show off any new hobbies you picked up to impress your family (guitar serenade anyone?)

Outdoor Spaces

When inexperienced with plants, it’s best to start steady. It’s surprising how much a well potted and placed flower can brighten up your whole outdoor space! 
Looking for something with more of a ‘WOW!’ Factor? Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces provided all the comfort and utility of normal kitchens with a rustic look plus added safety and benefit of being outside enjoying the summer. For long term design and renovation that’ll impress all year long, call Bella Casa Kitchen & Bath today.