You’ve probably heard the term “clean eating”, it has become a big buzz term. What exactly is clean eating…Clean eating means selecting simple fresh whole foods versus eating highly processed foods, most of which contains all kinds of additives and/or chemicals. This is nothing new, it really isn’t a new fad diet; remember, our ancestors ate clean.

What is Clean Eating and the Benefits 1


Due to the faster pace of our lives, most people, particularly families opt for fast foods and packaged goods. Additionally, the food industry is dumping more and more sugar, salt and trans fats into their products. All of this has made our society sicker and fatter than ever!

Eating clean really doesn’t have to take too up much more of your time or difficult to do. And once you trade in eating packaged or processed foods for clean, whole foods, you and your family’s bodies will reap the rewards; increase energy, levels, clearer skin, improved sleep, and mood. Aside from the weight and health benefits, you’ll really begin to enjoy your food more and have a deeper appreciation for the natural flavors. Your cravings for fried foods, heavily salty chips, and sugary items will subside. Those yearnings will actually be replaced by the desire for fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats, and fish.

Where to begin?

  • Clear out your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator.
  • Select foods that look as close to their natural form as possible when shopping.
  • Focus on fresh simple produce – driven meals.
  • Pile on the greens.
  • Switch to whole grains for carbs such as brown rice, bulgur, lentils, whole grain bread, etc.
  • Treat meat as a flavor enhancer by adding smaller portions cut up in your dishes and salads.
  • Swap yogurt, cheese, avocado, homemade tapenade or hummus for dressings and mayo.
  • Try fresh herbs, spices, and lemon to enhance the flavors instead of salt.
  • Complete your meals with fresh fruit instead of fattening desserts.
  • Check out websites such as Clean Eating Mag for fun meal planning, budget meal ideas, etc.

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