Remodeling is an exciting time. However, in order to avoid frustration, safety hazards or any misunderstandings, you might encounter from unexpected delays, snags and inconveniences, it’s best to be prepared. After all, you will be living in a construction zone. Although a reputable remodeling contractor should review what is expected before a project begins, the following should help you, and your family as well, to cope, if you are aware of what to expect.

  • Wishlist. Draw up a “wants and needs” list so that you will have a clear picture to prioritize what you can and cannot live without in the remodel. Consult other members of the family that will be affected.
  • Budget. Decide on a realistic budget to include the project, products, contingencies, etc. Share this with your info with your contractor so that they can create a remodeling plan.
  • Contractor. Interview potential remodeling contractors. Be sure to read the contract. Discuss your wish list with them and ask for
  • Calendar. Be sure to consult your calendar as not to over schedule activities, which may contribute to unnecessary stress.
  • Communication. Clarify roles of everyone involved in the project including methods of communication, availability, and frequency of communication expected to make sure you’re all on the same page.
  • Clean. Arrange the workspace before beginning; the amount of preparation needed will be dependent upon the type of project.
  • Storage. Organize your garage, basement, attic or rent a storage unit for items and/or furniture that you need to find a temporary home for during the renovations.
  • Dust/vacuum and wipe down any flat surfaces. This will prevent dust and dirt from marring any finishes.
  • Ventilation. If the project involves paints, solvents, or other products that produce harmful fumes, make sure there is proper ventilation; open windows and run a fan to help circulate air.
  • Children and pets. Take steps to make sure the work area is safe for them. Keep children and pets away from potentially harmful products and tools. Close doors and/or put up safety fences/gates. Some pets may get agitated with strangers in the house.
  • Noise. Set up a comfortable area for your family and pets to be able to relax in, especially if they are home during the construction work when there may be a lot of noise. Keep earbuds handy.
  • Temporary quarters. Minimize inconvenience by setting up a temporary kitchen, dining area and/or bathroom, away from the construction area.
  • Kitchens. Include a refrigerator and microwave oven, in a makeshift kitchenette, such as your garage or enclosed patio. Use your BBQ and enjoy outdoor living space. Stock up on paper plates, plastic ware, etc.
  • Bathrooms. Move your toiletries and towels to a secondary bathroom and/or rent a portable toilet for the workmen.
  • Menus and coupons. Go online and look for pizza delivery coupons and other restaurants that deliver or order to go or treat yourself to an evening out at your favorite restaurant.
  • For major renovations. Consider staying at a hotel or have the children and/or pets stay with friends or relatives, particularly if your water will be turned off.

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