In the past, clients had to hope their idea of a dream kitchen or bath matched with the finished renovation. Now, with the help of computers, designers can guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want!

Don’t Dream It, See It – Using 3D Design Software 1

Planning Your Project

Most people have a wishlist for their renovation project, but not many possess the spacial awareness to clearly picture how everything is going to look together. That’s where an idea board comes in handy. Like a collage, an idea board can help you put together rough ideas that give your friendly remodeling contractors at Bella Casa a better sense of your dream space. Then, our designers can get to work helping you visualize the final product with cutting-edge 3D design software before any demolition or building actually starts.

Don’t Dream It, See It – Using 3D Design Software 2

3D Design Software

What exactly IS 3D design software? Sometimes known as architectural rendering software, these programs allow architects, interior designers, and contractors to create a realistic representation of what your design might like. This makes it easier for clients to visualize the final project and make any changes proactively and inexpensively. With most renovations costs reaching anywhere between $25,000 to $45,000 on average, you won’t want to take any chances on a design you won’t be happy with many years after the project is completed.

Not everyone has the expertise to use 3D software, with some programs having a high learning curve and costly purchase fees or subscriptions. That’s why it’s important to choose a contractor with specialized designers trained in the software of choice. The single-purchase cost of the software alone is un-necessary for the average DIYer, meaning the insurance and peace of mind from a contractor that offers 3D rendering services is already a great perk over the hidden monetary and labor costs doing your own renovation!

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