Our pets are part of our family. They are in our everyday lives sharing mealtime, playtime, and even sleeping schedules. Homes need to be pet-friendly to make sure they stay safe, and to accommodate to any individual pet needs.  Just like human family members, pets need their own spaces, from feeding areas to pet-beds. Here are a few ways where you can incorporate everything they need into your day-to-day life in a fun and unique way!


Creating a Pet-Friendly House 1
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  • A Feeding Station: Instead of having your pet’s bowls & dishes all over the place, add a feeding station in the kitchen that is easily accessible for your furry friends. This can house their food and water bowls, so they are off the floor and protected from being stepped on accidentally. You can also include extra food and treat areas for storage!



Creating a Pet-Friendly House 2

  • A Personalized Shower: Some pets can’t stand going to the groomers. A pet shower can be installed in either the mudroom, the laundry room, or even the bathroom depending on what’s easiest for you. This can be an all-in-one inclusive areas for washing and drying your dog. This will make your pet happy, plus you’ll be saving money on the groomers!


Creating a Pet-Friendly House 3

  • Pet Doors: Pet doors aren’t just for going outside! Most animals don’t like being separated from their favorite humans by a door. Instead of constantly getting up from the bed or the office desk to let your animals in and out, have pet doors installed so even if you want the door closed your dog or cat can come and go as they please.


Creating a Pet-Friendly House 4
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  • Built-In Animal Beds: Just having a pet bed thrown on the floor can get in the way of day-to-day activities. That bed can be incorporated into the bottom of shelving or in a cabinet. It could also be to its own piece of furniture, potentially an armoire or built-in unit in the wall, that matches the rest of your room’s theme.


Creating a Pet-Friendly House 5

  • Build-In Gate: Some animals need to be gated off from the rest of the house. Removable baby or pet gates can look unsightly and may not even be able to hold the animal in the room. A built-in gate is much sturdier and can be customized to your home. It can be hidden away into the wall or just opened up like a normal door.

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