Is your shower lackluster and boring? Does it feel like it’s overtaking that rest of the bathroom making it feel cramped? Even if you have a smaller bathroom, you don’t have to sacrifice your space or comfort for a gorgeous bathroom upgrade. Recently, doorless showers have become popular because of how intrusive traditional showers can be, especially if you’re working with a smaller space. What’s even better is how easy they are to clean. Since the glass is designed to resist soap scum, buildup, mold, mildew, and other common dirt you find in the bathroom, it’s a no brainer. Still considering why your bathroom can benefit? Here are even more benefits of a doorless shower:

Opens Up The Room: You won’t have to worry about shower curtains surrounding the shower closing in the area. Doorless showers are designed to not only open up the bathroom but shower area as well. Styles can be completely open, using tiles that aren’t affected by water. They can also be encompassed by glass, but even with that physical barrier, there’s still an illusion of open space.

Contemporary bathroom

Doesn’t Change The Room Size: Doorless shower successfully opens up the room, but it doesn’t change the physical size of the room. You don’t have to worry about how to expand the bathroom which could take away space from the next room. This design works within the space you already have.

Reduces Moisture Buildup: Bathrooms are notorious for moisture buildup. With normal bathrooms eventually, it will cause damage to the ceiling and walls with how much the condensation collects, especially if you enjoy long showers. Opening up the shower keeps that condensation from getting stuck on the surface. It works even better if you have a vent or fan.

Any Showerhead You Want: With traditional showers, you have limitations on the type of showerhead you can use. It could be the type of piping you have, the space of the shower, and more. Doorless designs give you the freedom to have unique showerheads like a rainfall effect that’s coming from the ceiling. You can also get a massaging showerhead to help with sore muscles and more.

Exclusive modern bathroom

A Spa Room Any Time You Want: Self-care is important and sometimes a quick shower isn’t enough. This doorless shower gives you the space to have a seat to relax, apply a face mask, exfoliate, and more before or after your relaxing shower.

Easier To Use: With the open design, doorless showers are perfect for individuals who have trouble walking or stepping into the shower. Usually, it’s all one level. A seat and bars can be installed as well to make showering safer and give confidence to those people.