With the holidays just around the corner, your kitchen will be filled with family, friends, and foods from all walks of life. Each culture has its own unique take on the holidays.  Food will always hold a special place in a family. With each region, culture, or religion, different dishes will change according to tradition. While some cultures may share the same meal components, the reason for it can be radically different. Bella Casa can transform your kitchen into a functional space where you can cook the perfect feast no matter what culture you’re a part of.

Here are a few dishes you’ll find on the tables this holiday season:

Traditional Holiday Dishes 1

  • England – The Mince Pie has been on the tables of the British since the 13th century. It traditionally consists of mincemeat, dried fruits, and spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon.



Traditional Holiday Dishes 2

  • Israel – A traditional dish for the Hanukkah season is latkes, which are fried potato cakes that’s served golden and crispy. It can be served with sufganiyot, which is fried jelly doughnuts, applesauce, various sweet toppings, and brisket. It’s consumed while the Jewish culture burns a night’s worth of oil for eight nights.

Traditional Holiday Dishes 3

  • Peru – Peru’s tradition is a drink. A spiced hot chocolate served with bread. It was served to those less fortunate during the weeks before Christmas.


Traditional Holiday Dishes 4

  • Japan – Japan’s is actually a fast-food dinner. When KFC launched the ad for the Christmas Chicken it became a staple to celebrate the holiday.


Traditional Holiday Dishes 5

  • France – After the Christmas Eve midnight mass the French will serve a Yule Log called Bûche de Noël. This Yule Log is typically a filled cake that’s rolled up to imitate a log. It even goes so far as being decorated to look like it’s laying on the forest floor.

There are so many traditions that are continued in the kitchen. Bella Casa can offer expert advice and the best selections for making your home ideal. Contact Us and visit our newly expanded and exclusive custom design showroom! You’ll find everything you need to make your home beautiful, inviting and comfortable from the quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets and wine storage to beautiful flooring, sinks, and countertops to hardware, expert assistance and much more.

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