One of the most common renovation projects other than kitchens and bathrooms is a basement. Don’t let your basement sit unfinished and uninspired! Grow your home’s equity and make every inch of your house livable and enjoyable with these turn-key basement features.


Must-Have Basement Features! 1

Getting Gains with a Gym

Do you want to get in the best shape of your life but hate driving to the gym and dealing with all the people taking up machines and listening to their loud music? Add in a partition for a home gym and never wait again! With the help of Bella Casa, we’ll work with you to make a zen spot where you can enjoy mindful yoga sessions or go beast mode with cardio equipment, cork floors for comfort, and all the weight lifting machines you need to be beach body ready come summer.


Must-Have Basement Features! 2

The Home Office

Whether it’s reading or productivity, a home office is indispensable in today’s world. Despite the pandemic waning, many companies have not returned to the office – and some may never! Whether you’re one of those working from home, running your own business, or an aspiring author who just needs a designated space that invokes comfort, creativity, and productivity, let us help you with new lighting, built-in shelves, and a well-designed layout.


Must-Have Basement Features! 3

Boozy Basement Bar

An adult’s paradise and arguably one of the most fun basement ideas. A custom basement bar uses every square footage to maximize your entertaining and lounge space. Wall design and unique lighting additions convey a relaxing or boisterous environment that’s fitting for your daily nightcap or a fun-filled game night with friends. Turn a dry bar into a wet bar by adding plumbing for a sink, making cleanup a breeze. Well-lit shelves and glass backing give your bar a modern, upscale lounge atmosphere and a modern wine fridge or custom storage will keep everything organized, clean, and ready to go!

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