Spooky Skeletons in Your Closet? 1
Time to clear them out with a new closet renovation from Bella Casa! Storage space is the most under-rated space in the home, but good organization and minimizing clutter is the best way to calm the spirits of chores past and give you peace of mind.


Before any renovation, always consult with your contractor. You may have a vision for your closet space that needs a few professional touches to refine, or you could give full creative license. Regardless, your contractor and designer will need to know more than just the dimensions of the closet. Do you prefer to fold your clothes or hang them? How many shoes do you own and do you put them on from the rack, or sit down to take your time? Do you intend to store jewelry, ties, scarves, and hats or will that be set for a separate storage space? Whether you’re aiming for a fully custom or semi-custom design, always make your needs known first.

Form Follows Function

A closet is made to hold your things, so it should work for you. If you’re of short stature and have a tall closet with unreachable shelves, consider adding rotating or moveable shelves and bars. This will maximize space without the struggle of reaching for clothes. Do you have a shoe collection? Display them appropriately. Are you also tall? Use an entire wall where you can reach all your kicks to maximize space in other areas of your closet. Tired of inefficient store-bought jewelry storage? A custom-divided drawer guarantees you’ll never lose your favorite pair of earrings again.

Special Design

A closet is as unique as you are – we all have different needs, and so does the closet. Did you know you can have separate hampers for laundry and dry cleaning inside your closet? How about a hidden ironing board? Hate digging around for clothes in a poorly lit closet? LED lights provide an energy-efficient way to make your clothes shine and are easy to find. Whichever your needs, there are hundreds of modern space-saving solutions, gadgets, and features to make organizing a breeze!