The holidays are a magical time for everyone – and it’s also bitter cold. Gift your home with a new fireplace surround and setting from Bella Casa and bring warmth to your home in more ways than one! Need some inspiration? Here are some popular fireplace settings and seasonal decoration tips.


Keeping it Merry and Bright – With a New Fireplace Mantle 1


Stone provides many different options in both color and style. Stacked Stone resembles a cross between backsplash tile and brick, giving a multi-colored, varied aesthetic for your fireplace. Fieldstone is comprised of a ‘natural’ stone’ look in many different sizes. Soapstone is a sleek, modern, dark material that is a great alternative to marble without the price. Sandstone slabs are perfect for a mixture of rustic and modern – a sleek look with modern appeal and often offered in light shades.
stone fireplace


Marble walks the line of traditional without being boring. Although the color variation of black and white is a constant, marble has great style versatility. Whether it’s tile accents, a bold, solid mantle with modern flair, or a French classic polished marble fireplace surround with filigree for days, it’s an easy – albeit expensive – choice.


A trendy choice for the most discerning modern aesthetic aficionados, a cement or cement-look fireplace is a solid choice and a blank canvas. Left bare it fulfills every minimalists’ dream. Adding a rustic mantle gives a warmer, industrial feel. Independent of how you style it, it’ll be a long-lasting option that you won’t regret.


The staunch traditionalist, brick fireplaces are a core staple of the American home. With many variations of exposed brick colors, brick can also be painted in a variety of colors and finishes. Even with a new coat of paint, brick retains a homey and rustic feeling to cozy up any home.

Holiday Decoration

With so many design options, evaluate your choice first. Lighter, natural shades of stone look great with rustic winter-style decoration. Evergreen garlands and poinsettias – will give the room the pop of warmth it needs. Colder, modern shades such as black, white, and bronze pair well with vases of dry twigs and a trendy faux white deer head mounted over the mantle. Look for your pop of color in pine cones or berries to balance the modern look with homey elements.

Remember that to bring a fireplace any one way towards rustic or modern a mantle makes all the difference. Reclaimed wood will give a modern pinch to the coldest cement and sandstone slate. The same way an iron, steel, cement, sleek, or dark painted mantle gives modernity to brick, marble, granite, and fieldstone choices.

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