With the shift in hybrid and remote work since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, having a comfortable space to work in while at home is more essential than you might think. While laying in bed with your laptop is comfy, when a Zoom meeting starts, you are frantically running to find a proper space and attire, too. 

What if you had the ability to get the best of both worlds between comfort and professionalism? Good news, you can! With a remodeled home office, you will be able to take on a task for work while doing so in style and relaxation. 

At Bella Casa, we thrive at creating functional tight spaces. When remodeling, it is important to find quality pieces of furniture that not only are stylish, but also provide you with a sense of comfort. The last thing you want to do is to have to move your neck around when working only to get a kink in it. Get a chair that will provide you with good support. And if you want to move around a little bit, think about adding a standing desk to get on your feet. 

We also strive to provide you with extra storage space when needed. And with a home office, you are going to need plenty of storage space. Whether it be important paperwork or simply trying to avoid a cluttered work area, we can provide you with ample storage room when we add sleek cabinets and storage containers. 

But there is also the importance of adding your own sense of style to your home office. We can work with you to find decorative items that speak volumes about you and make this space a welcoming one for yourself. You will notice healthier work habits when you are operating in an area you feel comfortable in.

Just because you are working does not mean you cannot enjoy the space you are in. At Bella Casa, we want to provide you with a home office that will make the days go by fast. Not only will it be functional, but also a calming and comforting room you will feel at ease in. To make working from home more effective, head over to our contact page to get in touch with our team today!

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