When entering your bathroom, do you feel like it’s a little too dark or dim? Do you feel more comfortable doing your makeup or hair in another room because you don’t have enough light? The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house with the kitchen coming in a close second. Bathroom lighting can often be overlooked. You’ll have one overhead light next to or combined with the vent to light up the entire space, but most of the time, it just amplifies the shadows. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to add lighting, we’ve put together this basic guide to help. As always, you can contact us at Bella Casa Kitchen & Bath for more personalized help with your bathroom remodel. Here’s how to get started.

The Right Placement: The placement is the biggest task for enough illumination. The overhead light is good for brightening up the entire room, but it can cast too many shadows on your face when you look at the mirror. It can also be too bright if you want more ambient light for a relaxing bath. Thinking about where you need the light the most and why will help you narrow down where it needs to be placed.

Light It Up! The Perfect Bathroom Lighting 1

Go All Natural: Having your vanity close to, or surrounded by, windows can help provide the ideal natural lighting you may be looking for to put on makeup or do your hair. You can also include vanity lighting for darker days, or night time.

Traditional vs. Contemporary: The style of your lighting depends on the style of your bathroom. A traditional look will have more classic or vintage light fixtures that have their own character. Contemporary lights are either what’s the trendiest with clean lines and soft edges. You can also opt for recessed lights that build into the ceiling or the wall depending on where it needs to be placed.

LED Bulb Benefits: Over the years LED bulbs have gained popularity over the last few years with good reason. Not only are they more energy-efficient than traditional and fluorescent bulbs, but you are able to have different color temperatures. You’re not stuck with the normal blueish-white tint that traditional bulbs may have or the slightly yellowed tine of a fluorescent. Some LED bulbs can be a light purple, blue, green, red, and more if you’re looking for more ambiance.

Light It Up! The Perfect Bathroom Lighting 2

Warm vs. Cool Lighting: The temperature of the room makes a huge difference in how it feels, and we don’t mean the physical temperature. When the lighting is too warm, it can feel almost unnatural and uncomfortable to be in there as you’re getting ready for the day. On the flip side, the lighting can be too cool as well. You have to find a happy medium that you feel comfortable in.