More and more people are turning to running an in home business and telecommuting. But even if you’re just bringing extra work home from the office, need a quiet place for paying bills or day trading, a functional workspace is a worthwhile addition. One of the great benefits to working from home is the freedom to decorate and design your home office as you wish, to allow you to be more productive and comfortable than working from an office building or retail store.

If you’re new to working from your home or apartment, It’s important to find a space in your home that works for you and your family and can be personalized to fit your work needs. Surveys indicate that people believe they are about 90% more productive telecommuting/working from home.

Anyone can benefit from some of our home office ideas, strategies, furnishings and home improvement services to help you set up an office that is built for success within your budget.

1. Approach the layout like a kitchen plan; the ‘work triangle’ concept applies to offices, as well.

2. Determine your specific processes, move around as if you were working, and decide what storage and surfaces you need.

3. Create a different vibe than your home décor to establish a different headspace. The relaxed feeling of your bedroom or den is not suitable for a productive work mentality.

4. Provide a degree of separation between what goes on in your home and the office space. Be mindful of noise levels so that you won’t be disturbed or disturb others in the home.

5. Put your desk in the middle of the room, making sure you can walk around it, if needed.

6. You don’t need to relegate yourself to facing a wall. Give yourself a view, position your desk near a window.

7. Consider the choice of desks: standing vs sitting, or why not both options or combo desk.

8. Conference table or workspace table for assembling products.

9. Make sure you have a comfortable office chair.

10. Keep your office organized.

27 Tips for Creating a Comfortable and Productive Home Office Work Environment 1

11. Have everything at your fingertips, stock your desk with drawers to keep the supplies and files near you; but avoid clutter.

12. Put things back where they belong, this way you don’t waste time looking for files, supplies, etc.

13. Work on your time management. Hang a clock on the wall.

14. Find the best technology for you, computers, apps, fax machines, etc. and don’t forget the electrical cords to avoid cord clutter.

15. Brighten your home office with the proper lighting.

16. Consider a dedicated phone for your office to help separate the professional from the personal calls.

17. Make sure you have proper ventilation, especially for basement office spaces. It helps to keep you feeling fresh.

18. Create a welcoming space for clients. A small fridge, water cooler, sofa, etc. may be needed.

19. Floating shelves display collectibles, mementos or products.

20. Add some real greenery to your office to freshen the air. Real plants are more than just a colorful element to your office. They actually help clear the air

27 Tips for Creating a Comfortable and Productive Home Office Work Environment 2


21. Choose a soothing color scheme. Add serenity to what may be a frantic office. Choose neutral colors such as beige, gray, and blue as your primary colors. You can accent with bolder colors that make you feel energized and ready to work.

22. Simplify your work process so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming to work anymore; get back to basics.

23. Lights, Camera, Action. If you intend to do video conferencing, you’ll want to be mindful of your office’s background; your clients and associates should see an environment that is professional. Don’t display personal items, photos or inappropriate things in the backdrop.

24. Dress like an adult, particularly if you intend to see clients, colleagues, employees and/or video conferencing. Don’t wear PJs to work.

25. Think about co-workers. If you run a home business and you have employees or co-workers, make sure their space is set up optimally.

26. Dual purpose rooms or space. Get a murphy style bed or convertible couch to accommodate overnight guests without interrupting the workday functionality of the space

27. Set up a workspace bathroom. Keep it clean and separate from the family bathroom(s).

Having a home workspace that’s both functional and uplifting is important. You’re going to spend a lot of time there, so you need to be comfortable and enjoy being in the space. Bella Casa can help you make the most effective use of space and still provide the aesthetics and design scheme that suit you. Our cabinetry and home improvement services can be customized to create the space needed for your specific skills and profession. Call 610-433-9800, or stop by our showroom. Check out our special promotions page.

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