In our last blog, we discussed how to make your home office a reflection of yourself. One issue that is popping up is that more and more people are trying to make do with the workspace they have whether is converting a guest room into an office, the bedroom, or even taking up a portion of the countertop in the kitchen. Ideally, you would have an office separate from everything else in the house, but that may not always be the case. Whether you have that space or you’re getting creative about where you’re able to work, here are a few don’ts to remember when setting up your home office.

  • Don’t Use The Living Room: Granted, the living room is probably one of the most comfortable spots in your house, so it would seem pretty easy to just set up a desk. However, the living room is one of the most active rooms in the house. It’s going to be noisy and full of activity. You’re not going to be able to fully concentrate on your work because of the TV, the kids, your partner, etc. Separating work from play makes the transition a lot smoother and plus when you go into the living room, you know you’re able to relax instead of seeing your work set up all the time.
  • Don’t Ignore Office Furniture: It’s tempting to set up your mobile office on the couch or the bed all the time, but it can actually cause issues down the line. Desks and chairs are designed to relieve as much strain on your back as possible. It will help you stay healthy, prevent pain, and avoid long-term injuries. Of course, we won’t judge if once in a while you want to have an extra comfy workday.
  • Don’t Forget To Clean: You keep your desk clean and organized at the office, so why should at home be any different? A clean, organized workspace makes this whole transition much easier. This includes picking up any papers you may have, coffee cups, dishes, etc. On top of that, regularly wipe down and disinfect your electronic devices such as the keyboard, mouse, and phone. You will feel so much more productive working in a clean space.
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