Summer’s almost out the door and that means if your gardening setup isn’t ready, you can say goodbye to fresh, home-grown produce for the next few months. Fortunately, there are ways to grow greens indoors!


Composting can be surprisingly easy – especially inside. With the right mix of ingredients and a kitchen uplift that includes a discrete, custom-made compost bin you’ll be well on your way. Using compost will pay off during the growing season by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers, enriching your soil, and helping keep trash out of landfills. Despite seeming like a stinky, dirty job, a properly cared for compost pile should not attract pests or smell bad, making it an easy decision toward self-sufficiency in your home.

Vertical Kitchen Gardens

Now you’ve got all that compost ready in two to five weeks, but the snow is piling high outside. A good solution to make use of all that homemade soil food is to put it into your food – your growing food, that is. Vertical hanging gardens are a great solution for indoor fresh veggies and herbs that’s incredibly trendy and efficient. Once you’ve updated your kitchen to include your composting, mention your plans for a vertical garden to your friendly contractors at Bella Casa. Strategic planning for gardens is important:
Bringing the Outside, Inside (Part 1) 1

Air-Filtering Plants

Another use for compost is to grow non-food-producing plants. Many houseplants have air-purifying qualities to help you breathe easier in your home. While they may be fussier than simple herbs, most should be easy with the right kitchen, bathroom, and mudroom layouts! Here are a few to consider:
Don’t let colder weather get you down! Keep living green through the end of summer and well into winter. Looking for more tips on living green beyond plants? Check Part 2 next month for tips on economic living tips including solar, efficient appliances, home renovation tips, and more!