What kind of dad is your dad? The dad that never misses their favorite team’s game? The dad that has every type of tool imaginable? Maybe a cool, retro gaming dad! Every type of dad is different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a gift of a room all to themselves. Read on for inspiration of basement man-cave remodels that’ll make this father’s day an unforgettable one!

Sports Dads

Sports are finally back since the pandemic shutdown! Help your dad celebrate the right way. Nothing livens up the room more than a well placed projector or larger-than-life flat screen TV for maximum football season home-viewing comfort. Add in some big leather recliners with cup-holders and you’ve got it made! Just remember that in messy moments of in-game excitement, for a mess-free environment that’ll make everyone in the house happy, steer clear of carpeted floors and opt for tile or hardwood for an easy clean.
Basement Pads for Dads 1

Handy Dads

Basement Pads for Dads 2
Tool hoarding catching up to your storage space? Your basement is a quick renovation away from a tinkerer’s oasis. With professional design, soundproofing, and a few pieces of drywall and new closets your dad can make as much noise as he wants doing what he does best – building, fixing, and engineering amazing things. The added benefit? No more tools strewn about. A well organized, well designed closet and perf-plate nail board will keep everything within easy reach and tidy!

Gaming Dads

Does your dad dream in space invaders, pac-man, and the good old days of the arcade? With early adopters of arcade games growing up, treat dad to his own game space. Arcade machines are in easier supply these days along with pinball machines! Not a retro dad? Renovate the basement to maximize air-flow and electrical outlets for gaming computers, systems, monitors, and everything he could ever need for cool, intense gaming sessions.
Basement Pads for Dads 3
Whatever your dad’s hobby or passion, give them the gift of space; the gift of peace and quiet at home. They do so much for all of us and our homes, it’s time to give back. 
Remember, renovations aren’t easy, but they’re completely worth it in the end. For help with design, renovations, storage solutions, and peace of mind call us at Bella Casa Kitchen & Bath today! From our dads to yours, we’ll be happy to help.