Why Renovate Your Kitchen Before Thanksgiving? 1
As the first official Thanksgiving after the lockdown, make sure your home is equipped to welcome your family & friends with a Bella Casa kitchen remodel. Looking to make your kitchen more functional to fit everyone and the feast to feed a small army? Here are some ideas!

Keeping It Simple

Renovations can be expensive and time-consuming but this doesn’t mean that you have to let perfect stop you from sprucing up your kitchen! While cabinets can take 2 days to install and countertops can take up to a month, a simple backsplash installation will take you a few days at most. Cabinet painting and hardware replacement won’t take much more than a week or two, making for a quick and easy project!


Thanksgiving is known for its food, but as a host where are you supposed to put all of it? There’s the turkey, stuffing, sauces, veggies, potatoes, drinks, desserts, and all kinds of individual family tradition additions. Sleek granite countertops on expanded, new cabinets will give you plenty of room to set, serve, and store it all. While the tradition of table setting and sitting is preferred, countertops can help serving woes by making Thanksgiving buffet style. Add an island for extra seating and you’ll be set!

Open It Up!

One of the main complaints of a separate kitchen, dining room, and living room is that the person stuck cooking misses out on the social aspects of Thanksgiving. Knockdown some walls and open up your kitchen to keep mixing and mingling with family and friends while basting the turkey and keeping an eye on those boiling pots. Watch the game and parade while chopping greens. Make sure no one’s making a mess before guests arrive while sliding those pies into the oven!

Everyone’s Least Favorite Part – Cleaning

You’re stuffed and exhausted, leftovers have been handed out, and the kitchen is an absolute wreck. Thankfully, there are smart remodeling choices to make cleaning a breeze. While grease stains love walls and poor quality countertops, a clean tile backsplash and sleek new countertops are only a wet wipe away from cleanliness. Looking for something a little more high-end? Opt for a farmhouse sink with plenty of room to soak dishes and pots, central vacuum systems hidden along baseboards for crumb cleanup, and stain-resistant soft-close drawers to store everything when you’re done.