We’ve all been there. It’s summer vacation, the kids are out of school, you’re running out of activities to occupy the time and keep the busy hands from getting at each other’s throats. Not only that, they’re hungry, and becoming very “hangry” kid-zombies while waiting for the 2:00 matinée you have tickets for. Or picture this nightmare: it’s raining outside. Well there are a few saving graces that do exist that can occupy your children and involve a fun kitchen activity. Whether it’s becoming mini master-chefs for the day, or painting a chalk board, here are a few activities that can help occupy the time, when you need a moment to breathe!

Let the Kids Become Master Chefs

Kids in the Kitchen! Summer Fun for Everyone. 1It’s no secret that kids love to help, and they love to get messy, so why not let them help make lunch or a snack. From banana sushi and hotdogs, to pizza rolls and grilled cheese roll-ups, there’s super easy recipes out there the kids will love.
Bonus activity? Plan a backyard picnic with the great food that you make!

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Easy Bird Feeder Crafts

Kids in the Kitchen! Summer Fun for Everyone. 2Not only is making your own bird seed treats a fun activity that will keep your kids occupied for a couple hours, it is also teaching them bit about nature and sustainable recycling where you can reuse household items that would normally be put in the trash. Whether you use an old soda bottle, or just make your own seut bird food, it’s a great activity.

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Make Your Own Popsicles

Kids in the Kitchen! Summer Fun for Everyone. 3Let your kids help make a cold, sweet treat with homemade popsicles. Not only are they refreshingly cold on the hottest days, but they also are a healthy alternative to the store bought popsicles that are filled with sugar and preservatives. Plus, you’re saving a little money on buying bulk items and making your own things!

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DIY Play Dough

Kids in the Kitchen! Summer Fun for Everyone. 4Kids love play dough, so why not try your hand at making some at home! This activity is super simple, allowing you to make as much as you want. Plus the kids can custom their play dough colors, even creating their own color if they want to!

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