The basement is one room that often gets looked over. Usually, the decorating is left for the central part of the house, and the basement is left bare. It’s time to take it back! Do you have a family member moving in or growing up? Do you plan on working from home? Make it a functional room you’ll want to be in day-after-day! Renovating your basement will not only expand your home by one or two extra rooms, but it can increase the value of the house. Here are six renovation ideas for your basements.
A Second Living Room: One living room can cause a lot of commotion, especially when the kids are hyped up after a long day at school. Making the basement a second living room, or playroom, can give the kids their own refuge away to get out their energy!
6 Renovation Ideas For Your Basement 1
Another Bedroom: If you’re limited on space, or want to give your older children their own space, convert the basement into another bedroom! The space can be perfect for your high school or college student who needs more privacy. Or, you can turn this into a larger bedroom for younger children with more toys.
6 Renovation Ideas For Your Basement 2
A Small Apartment: Transform your basement into an apartment! This a perfect option for a college student home from classes, a family member living with you, or if you want to rent out the space.
6 Renovation Ideas For Your Basement 3
A Home Gym: Let’s face it, driving to the gym takes time, which leads to the excuse of not going. A home gym not only takes away that excuse, but it motivates you to work out more. You’re steps away from your gym instead of miles.
6 Renovation Ideas For Your Basement 4
A Home Theater: Going to the movies is a fun experience for everyone, but sometimes you want to enjoy the comfort of your home with your snacks. A personal theater lets you relax in your comfiest clothes. With streaming, you have access to all kinds of movies at once. The perfect movie experience!
entertainment center with red walls and white couches
A Wine Cellar: Your basement is the ideal space to incorporate a wine cellar. Not only is the temperature more ideal and mangeable, but it’s a larger, expanded area that allows more options when including shelving, storage spaces, and more!
6 Renovation Ideas For Your Basement 5