Do you remember the phrase “there’s an app for that?” Well, we’ve evolved to “there’s a gadget for that.” Most, if not all, work in tandem with an app, but you understand the meaning. It’s crazy to think about how many gadgets we use with just a button. What exactly does having a smart home entail? Each of the devices you use will run off of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or similar technology. They’ll usually be controlled from a smartphone, tablet, or even a central hub in your home. It gives you all of the controls in one spot for easy access.

Do you need a smart home?

It’s a personal preference based on how you and your family operate throughout the day. Adding these gadgets are designed to make tasks a little easier when we’re rushing around trying to do a million things. Some of those tasks would be adjusting the temperature to the perfect degree that helps the baby sleep or ensuring that the doors are locked no matter where you are. Start with one gadget that you know you’ll benefit from, or you think it is a cool idea and go from there.

What are some gadgets you can get today?

Heating and cooling

● Smart thermostats do more than just set the temperature. Over time, these devices will “learn” how you set your temperature and at what time. If you like it a little cooler at night for sleeping, it will automatically bring the temperature down towards bedtime. It can also be set to readjust the temperature when you leave the house to save on the energy bill.

Woman Using Digital Thermometer

● Smart vents work similarly to the thermostat in that they help regulate the temperature. The difference is that vents can adjust specific rooms instead of the whole house. An example would be wanting it cooler in the kitchen because you’re using the oven or stove while the family room is toasty. Often, your vents and thermostats work in tandem with one another.


Woman Looking At Fridge

● Some smart refrigerators have huge touch screens built in that work as a large tablet. It gives you a convenient spot to make grocery lists, order groceries online, bring up recipes, and even see inside without leaving the doors hanging open. Other models send alerts when the water filter needs to be changed and if there are any issues such as a power outage.

● A smart dishwasher can be set up to start cleaning right before you get home or wake up in the morning, so you have fresh dishes ready to go. It can additionally be set to wash plastics that need a lighter setting, to heavier loads like stuck-on food.


● Have you ever turned on the shower and let it run a few minutes to warm up? A showerhead is designed to get the water to the desired temperature and shut off until you’re ready to get in. It will also adjust the pressure depending on how close you are to the showerhead. The closer you are, the more water pressure you’ll get to rinse off.

Safety and security

● Smart door locks are fantastic for making sure your house is secure no matter where you are. If you’ve driven away, you can still check on the lock without turning back. Another benefit is when someone is watching the house or pet sitting, you’ll have virtual keys that let you stay on top of who is coming and going.

Touch Screen With Security Camera Feed

● Indoor cameras are designed to keep tabs on what’s going on in the house, especially if there’s an unexpected activity when you’re not there. You’ll be able to see the feed on your smart device to keep an eye on your kids, your pets, or the house itself.

These are just a few of the wonderful ways to modernize your home. There are so many more to choose from that fit almost any lifestyle! If you have any questions or thoughts about incorporating these gadgets into your design, contact us today!!