Now, more than ever, home offices are becoming popular additions. Working remotely has become a necessary part of life this year, whether it’s a permanent fixture or even part-time. No matter what your situation may be, you need a quiet, productive space. Despite the convenient commute, finding the balance of work and home life can be difficult. At Bella Casa Kitchen & Bath, we want to help create that perfect environment to boost productivity and creativity. Here’s how your home office can reflect your personal style.

No Desk, No Problem: Living in the digital age means converting to a home office is much more comfortable. Most of your documents and files (if not all of them) are digitally stored, which means you don’t need space for huge filing systems or desks to hold papers. Plus, there are plenty of lap-desk options if you want to just have a table, couch, or chairs in your home office for a more comfortable work space.

Smaller Desk

Hiding The Clutter: Don’t like the idea of your work being visible after hours? You can have a functional cabinet system installed where you’re able to hide papers, laptops, and other parts of work when you’re off. Having that separation between your job and home life will help create a calm environment. Another plus is locking away any information about your job for security reasons.

• Plant Life: Nature creates a peaceful, calming environment. Understandably, you can’t work outdoors in the foliage, so bring the green plant life to you! Decorating your home office with a variety of luscious plants will help liven up the space and help boost productivity. You can have just one plant or deck out the entire room!

Make Your Home Office A Reflection Of You 1

Open Shelving: Do you enjoy seeing the aesthetic of open shelving? Incorporate it into your home office! Being able to see an organized space can be extremely helpful in boosting productivity. You can even design the shelving to double as your desk area!

We understand how important your home office is right now. Don’t let your work suffer. Contact us today to get your workspace set up!