The cooler months really are the best time of year to get small remodels done to your home. These could be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint, or a quick upgrade of your kitchen and bathroom. Plus, if you’re hosting the holidays, you’ll want to have your home looking its very best for the season. Check out of these great remodels to try for the winter months!
A Bigger Island: Does your kitchen feel really small or there’s not enough room to handle a normal day even with an island? A double kitchen island can help solve all of your space issues. Plus, adding more to your island will provide extra space for seating! The island could be double the size of the existing island to get that space or it could be an L shaped island.
Bella Casa Kitchen Design wood
Wooden kitchen with island
A Place to Sit: Since there’s so much activity in the kitchen a place for people to sit is essential. With the brand new island addition seats can be added to the island with bar stools.
Multifunctional: While kitchens are the go-to for enjoying a meal, they can also offer different functionalities to the house. A kitchen desk is added to plan out the next week, pay some bills, do homework, etc. Even TV’s have made their way into the kitchen so people can bring up a video for a recipe or catching up on a TV show over lunch.
Couple looking at computer together in kitchen
Cabinet with knick knacks
Bonus! Unexpected Decorations: Dishes can be as much decoration in your kitchen as the rest of the decor. If you want a more sleek and modern look crisp white dishes can really stand out when serving food. Your dishes can be extremely colorful like a bright purple, an orange, a green, and much more. It’s a functional way to add color to your kitchen without cluttering the kitchen. You can even have seasonal dishes as well.
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